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As a concerned neighbor of Hellertown, Bethlehem, Lower Saucon Township and other surrounding townships, we are opposed to the proposed rezoning of 2105 Creek Road, Bethlehem PA 18015  from RR (Rural Residential) to R-RC (Residential Retirement Complex) to establish a Residential Retirement Complex consisting of 40 apartment units and 60 parking spaces.


We are also opposed to any board of the City of Bethlehem approving any variance requests for 10 Twin Homes as per the plans submitted to the City of Bethlehem. 


I respectfully ask for no zoning change or variances be granted on this parcel because I am an enthusiastic supporters of smart, planned urban development. 

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Thanks for submitting! We hope to see you at the March 12th planning commission meeting at 5 pm.  

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